Elvis is alive and well and performing at an event near you…….
Or at least that’s what you’ll think when you see Dean Lee Vegas!
His tremendous performances never cease to leave his audiences awestruck and this is owed to the love and admiration Dean has had for Elvis since as far back as he can remember.

As a young child Dean would listen to his dad’s Elvis records and watch his films.
It was during his late teens that he became aware of his uncanny Elvis-like voice. He would make one-off appearances in Essex singing with various bands and would always leave the audiences begging for more. After winning an Elvis tribute/sound/look-alike competition his career as an Elvis Tribute Artist rocketed. He was inundated with offers of work, and has been ever since. People are amazed at his voice and often ask if he is miming to Elvis Presley’s voice!

Audiences are wowed by Dean’s stage presence and by his amazing transition to strikingly resemble Elvis when he was in the prime of his life. This resemblance has lead to Dean’s reputation as ‘The King of Transformation’.

His stunning jumpsuits are all handmade in America using the original patterns created for Elvis’s own jumpsuits.
Dean’s spectacular performances are re-enactments of Elvis’s own shows. In Dean’s own words (taken from a newspaper article), “My act is a tribute to my hero and idol Elvis Presley. If I don’t feel that a certain song or dance move is an accurate representation of Elvis’s then I keep practising and rehearsing until it is. Only then will I allow my audience to see it. To me anything other than that is not a respectful performance.”

Dean’s tribute to Elvis knows no bounds, and this allows him to portray all of Elvis’s eras. Whether it’s G.I. Elvis, 1968 Comeback or The Vegas Years, Dean’s electrifying performances always stun the crowds.

Dean Lee Vegas is undoubtedly one of the world’s best Elvis Tribute Artists.
The rapport he builds with his audience and his fantastic crowed interaction, combined with his charismatic presence will leave you completely spellbound and hugely entertained.